Resinated Art Brings You Jewelry In Candles

I just signed up as a rep for Jewelry In Candles.  I am excited about this and will post about the scents, reveals and more.  


Advertise with Me for as low as $5.00

I will put your ad as a banner on my blog and my blog’s facebook page for 1 week (7days).  Please make sure to send me the artwork or banner file you would like for me to post.

If you would like for me to feature a product or sale on my blog and facebook pages please buy an additional gig and I will feature your item/sale along with your banner for 7 days.

Please submit files in pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, or bmp formats.

The only editing I will do is sizing and/or cropping to fit the banner space of the blog/facebook page.


I have almost finished my first tutorial.  I need to get a YouTube account set up so I can post and start sharing videos.  🙂  Things are coming together and I am very thankful for all the people who have given me pointers and suggestions.

I edited my tutorial with iMovie, which I am learning as I go.

Here We Go!!

Resinated (res·in·ated) – to impregnate or flavor with resin

Picked a fresh name for my Resin Art.  I will dedicate this blog to the pieces I create, reviews of products I use, tips, and video tutorials (coming soon).  Please feel free to contact me and request a personalized piece.  If you see a piece you like in my blog or on my store and you would want it personalized let me know which item and how you would like it personalized.  Each custom-made piece is priced on a per order basis.

I look forward to taking you on the journey of a new artist spreading her wings.