Today’s Featured Piece is Picnic Bottle Cap Magnet

Today’s featured piece is the Picnic Bottle Cap Magnet.

A multilayer resin bottle-cap magnet. This is an up-cycled bottle cap and has sharp edges

$6.00 includes Shipping with-in the United States

A multi-layer resin bottle-cap magnet.  This is an up-cycled bottle cap and has sharp edges.  Click on the picture to be taken to the store.  Check out my other items and don’t forget to use the coupon code.

Here We Go!!

Resinated (res·in·ated) – to impregnate or flavor with resin

Picked a fresh name for my Resin Art.  I will dedicate this blog to the pieces I create, reviews of products I use, tips, and video tutorials (coming soon).  Please feel free to contact me and request a personalized piece.  If you see a piece you like in my blog or on my store and you would want it personalized let me know which item and how you would like it personalized.  Each custom-made piece is priced on a per order basis.

I look forward to taking you on the journey of a new artist spreading her wings.